Our guest today on the Outdoor Adventure Series is Keith Caceres.

Keith is an Astronomy Enthusiast and Member of the Las Vegas Astronomical Society.

In today’s episode, we chat about:

What makes the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) so special?
How does the performance of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) compare to the Hubble Space Telescope
What advice would you give someone that wanted to discover astronomy?

Aha Moment

My aha moment as far as what got me into astronomy was the Annular Eclipse; seeing the Annular Eclipse and the Society out there, I was blown away. I was like, wow. And then my older brother got me that telescope for my birthday, that first beginner’s telescope. Those two things turbocharged me to get involved.


I would say there’s nothing like getting out and doing it. There’s nothing like being out under the sky in a dark place and seeing what’s truly out there and trying to understand our place in this universe. And if you wanna do that, if you’re in Las Vegas, Come out to one of our events. We do them monthly.

Our next one is on October 20th at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. If you’re not in Las Vegas, there are Astronomical Societies all over the country that have outreach events. So, Google them, and take a look at their event calendar. Get out there and or just go out there and camp at a State Park or a National Park and bring some binoculars, bring a little telescope.

It’s gorgeous when you get out there. And you know, these days, nobody can look up and see the Milky Way like it used to be at night. You could just look up in cities and see the Milky Way overhead. Nowadays you have to drive hours and hours out of cities to see it.

To learn more about the Las Vegas Astronomical Society, visit their website at https://lvastronomy.org/Home.html

Next Steps

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Credits: The 6th annual Skye and Stars stargazing event at Skye Canyon Park. Photo: Skye Canyon & select photos by Keith Caceres.

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