Wade Kisner, Owner of Sweet Point Setters and Host of the Setter Tales Podcast, is our guest on the Outdoor Adventure Series today.

Wade learned quail hunting in west central Missouri and found a love for gun dogs. A career in Law Enforcement led him to Iowa, where Pheasant hunting was huge. Since retirement, he jumped deep into Upland bird hunting and educating a new generation of bird hunters through guiding, producing a video series, and Podcasting.

Topics Discussed

What is Upland Bird Hunting
What makes the Setters such great dogs for Upland Bird Hunting
What advice would you give to someone interested in experiencing Upland Bird Hunting

Aha Moment

Attending outdoor trade shows and having people thank us for sharing our setters with them through the videos, taking them back to memories of hunting with family members long passed.


The best shot I ever made of a flushed bird was only witnessed by my gun dog…the worst shot I ever made on a flushed bird was only witnessed by my gun dog. They never, ever judge!!

Media & Resources

The show, Unleashed K9s produced the Sweet Lou Story, about the once unwanted setter that became legendary for his skills in the field but more so for being a great family member. Sadly at 14 years of age, he passed, but he lives on in his offspring that we continue to hunt and the many clients that count themselves blessed to have the memory of hunting over him. Sweet Lou was the inspiration for us conceiving and producing the video series Sweet Point’s Setter Tales, which led us to many destinations, including a pheasant hunt and snipe hunt on the bogs of Ireland. For the love of a dog, 

Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=71IN7-Yw58E

Next Steps

To learn more about Wade and Sweet Point Setter, visit their website at https://Sweetpointsetters.com.

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