Hello everyone and welcome back to the Success InSight Podcast
Today’s episode of Success InSight is another addition to our Outdoor Adventure Series.
It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Jen Sotolongo.
Jen and Sitka are the Team behind Long Haul Trekkers, a site devoted to outdoor adventures with your dog. Jen is an Outdoor Enthusiast, Adventure Dog Parent, Athlete, Writer, and Blogger. She is also the author of “The Essential Guide to Hiking with Dogs: Trail-Tested Tips and Expert Advice for Canine Adventures”.
Jen’s writing & blogging include insights for camping, flying, cycling, hiking, traveling, and running with your dog, as well as the essential gear you’ll need to keep your adventure dog safe and healthy.
To learn more about Jen and her passion for being an Adventure Dog Parent, visit her website at You can also sign-up on her website to join the pack.
To learn about the mission of the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA), visit their website at #OWAA2021
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